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Fantasy Author L.L. Thomsen, with her debut novel "The Missing Shield" consisting of eleven episodes, which together form the first volume in The Veil Keepers Quest

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Website background

L.L. Thomsen approached me requesting a project of launching a website to publicise her brand new fantasy Novel, “The Missing Shield”, as the first volume in a three part series called “The Veil Keepers Quest”. I was given the design of the front cover of the Novel but other than that I had free reign over the design, I was given a blank canvas which was great.

I wanted to keep the design neutral, and not based around the theme of the book cover, knowing that the author will be writing more novels in the near future. The client signed off the design with only a few changes which was really good from a personal perspective. It was also great having a writer sending through lots of good, solid content, no need for “Lorem Ipsum” filled pages.


How it was built

The Website uses Wordpress CMS (Content Management System), as it is important that the client can change certain sections, and write regular blog posts. She is able to change 95% of the site via the admin, which was my target at the beginning of the project.

The site is built using the Bootstrap 3 framework for this particular project to assist with the responsiveness of the site. I have used the BEM styling technique, with LESS CSS. I have used custom hand written jQuery on the project, with the assistance of various plugins such as "Owl Carousel" for the sliders and "WOW js" for some of the animations.

The client wanted me to assist in helping buy the domain names and hosting. I talked her through the options available and which price plan I thought suited her website most effectively. I set up an email with the hosting package to begin with so that all social media accounts could be linked to the email, and also any correspondence running up to the book launch would go through the email address.

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I would not hesitate to recommend Will’s skills and services to anyone. As a writer looking to create an official webpage to represent me and my books, I needed to work with a web designer who would be able to understand my vision and somehow translate it into something that would work on-line. Will is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and did not once fail to communicate when I sought him out for a consultation, or general information. Though a complete novice in regards to building a website, I felt in very safe hands throughout the process . Now the end result speaks for itself. The feedback from readers and visitors to my finished site is overwhelmingly positive and I believe it will work in favour of my brand for years to come.

L.L. Thomsen - Author